+ 133% valid clicks turns AdWords into a real traffic source for this College in NZ

An online education SEM case study by In Marketing We Trust


  • Limited historical information
  • Rebuild whole account
  • Very competitive environment



  1. Clicks +133%
  2. Bounce Rate down by 19%
  3. Avg Visit Duration +367%

What We Did

Background information:

This client did not have any online presence before we took on their account. Hence we have shown improvement in the account over time.

This being a new account, we experimented various strategies to increase ad exposure to relevant traffic and this caused an impression drop by 34.06%.

Throughout the year we focused on building a good account history by ensuring the ads show only to relevant traffic and filter irrelevant traffic.


The results in more details:

  • Performance increase in time for peak season

  • Clicks increased by 132.52% and CTR by 252.62%.

  • The relevant traffic constantly kept improving as the bounce rate dropped by 18.59%

  • Pages per visit increased by 63.29%

  • Average visit duration increased by 367.31%.

  • Slight increase in avg. CPC due to increased competition in a very competitive industry