1st Page Ranking and 50K+ SEO Vists

A Job Board SEO case study by In Marketing We Trust


  • Competitive industry
  • Limited resources.
  • Client with a new team
  • Client-side team with limited knowledge



  1. 1st page ranking for highly competitive keywords.
  2. +50k SEO visits in 3 months.
  3. Large portion organic search traffic was from long tail keywords. 

SEO trust factor - Job board SEO case study

Industry Challenges

The competitive landscape for Job Search SEO is intense. The Australian search landscape for this category is heavily head and torso oriented with remote places representing  a significant portion of long-tail keywords.




Monthly Search








Job Search






Credit Cards



What We Did

In Marketing We Trust operated as an external digital marketing team, incorporating work outside the initial ‘SEO my site and build links‘ scope and took on a fully integrated inbound marketing approach.

Strategies and Tactics

Identifying Link Opportunities

We need not only to rank decently but we also needed to tell the market we were a legit player. We had to connect with the right people within the industry and get the exposure needed to acquire those high value links. We defined who was in their circle and who would be interested to talk to us.

Job board client content, social and link opportunity network

Topic Mapping

We went on and did a thorough mapping of all the topics and avenues we could use to engage with those influencers

Community outreach plan

Clear and Logical Process

We listed our tasks by order of priority and went on ploughing away to promote our client.

Project Management - Job board case study

Beating Competitors

To bridge the gap between our client and its competitors, our strategy was to focus on rapidly building the domain authority and trust in order to start ranking for long-tail terms at scale.

A well optimised on-site content, dynamic information architecture (IA) and targeted link building campaigns for lower competition keywords would help us grow organic traffic while the overall profile and brand value were consolidated.

Product Launch

The linkbuilding work really took off from September with the launch of the full product and the ability for the team to come out of “stealth” mode. The following tactics were used as part of our community outreach and link building/earning:

  • Profiles and general links for brand protection
  • Competitors link profile matching
  • High Authority domains
  • Engagement with the industry (events, meetups, surveys with industry publications…)
  • Content marketing campaigns (blog, competition, infographic, Videos…)
  • High value Guest posting and PR based linking
  • Content marketing and outreach targeting University and Gov. sites.


Our client homepage appeared on page 1 for its highly competitive keyword in less than 1 year. Long tail traffic represents the majority of traffic and organic search traffic is rising.