Growing revenue by 300% and ROI by 29% in 3 months

An online health care PPC case study by In Marketing We Trust


  • high expectations for AdWords performance
  • Team under large pressure for short term results



  1. Revenue +300%
  2. Transactions +65%
  3. ROI/ROAS +29%

What We Did

When tackling the challenges of our client, we focused on:

  • We proposed a campaign restructuring as well as keyword expansion.
  • Our new campaign focused on gaining more relevant traffic. 
  • We implemented some account management changes to eliminate inefficiencies. 



Our work provided the following results and improvements above the previous month:

  • An 82% growth in revenue and 65% increase in transactions. 
  • Although clicks increased by only 18%, the revenue per click improved by 54% – indicating that restructuring and keyword expansion led to more relevant traffic. 
  • Our account management tactics and improvements also say the elimination of efficiencies – adding to why revenue increase significantly while traffic only increased slightly. 
  • The newly added relevant keywords and improvement of average position from 1.59 to 1.47 helped improved results despite an increase in the average CPC by 22%.