+172.48% Revenue & 70% SEO Traffic YoY for a Wine Merchant

An Ecommerce Wine SEO case study by In Marketing We Trust


  • Competitive industry
  • Limited resources (both cash and in-house people)
  • Hidden tech issues
  • Very dynamic product range



  1. +172.48% revenue
  2. + 77.50% organic traffic
  3. Top 3 results for highly competitive keywords.”cheap wine online” & “cheap wine”

Ecommerce Wine SEO Case Study

Industry Challenges

The competitive landscape for online wine sales is very dynamic with a new online discount wine merchant opening every month. With thin margin and a dynamic inventory (distressed stock = great bargain).

Discount wines means low margins. The Australian search landscape for this category is heavily head and torso oriented with Specific winemakers and vintages representing a significant portion of long-tail keywords.

What We Did

In Marketing We Trust operated as a strategic and operational consultant, bringing expertise and support needed to help build experience and skills for the in-house team to develop and produce the most effective solutions to grow the business.


Our client homepage appeared on page 1 for its highly competitive keyword. Long tail traffic with high conversion rate represents the majority of traffic and organic search traffic is rising.

Wine SEO Ecommerce Overview SEO vs all other channels